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DR Detectors / Generators / Upgrades / Radiographic Imaging Components

Powerful and robust digital radiography solutions that meet the versatile needs of today’s imaging providers


Konica Minolta AeroDR LT

AeroDR LT delivers more than a fast, high quality image in a wireless digital flat panel.  It provides unparalleled versatility to address all your Primary Imaging needs. This next generation wireless detector is robust and water resistant for reliable high capacity imaging to help maximize outcomes in productivity, patient satisfaction and return on investment.


Konica Minolta AeroDR XE

AeroDR XE is the simple, reliable, robust wireless DR solution for the most extreme environments. AeroDR XE is for healthcare providers that need to image patients outside of the radiography department under extreme physical and environmental conditions like ER/Trauma, ICU/CCU or at the patient’s bedside. Robust by design, the AeroDR XE delivers unparalleled reliability and high-capacity imaging. The AeroDR XE is the lightest panel available today weighing only 5.7lbs. The panel is liquid resistant reducing the likelihood of damage due to fluids in the exam area.


Konica Minolta AeroDR Flat Panel Detector

AeroDR builds on the foundation of high image quality that Konica Minolta is renowned for. The flat panel detector incorporates Konica Minolta’s Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator that boasts high detector quantum efficiency (DQE) for high-quality images and dose efficiency. By combining the CsI panel and Konica Minolta’s image processing technology from its top-rated REGIUS systems, the AeroDR assures end users of consistent and reliable high quality imaging.

The lightweight, wireless AeroDR 14”x17” panel weighs only 6.3 lbs. and incorporates a unique battery design for extended life and short charge cycles. AeroDR provides either a Universal Fit solution for converting existing analog rooms to digital suites, or a full room radiography solution when combined with a new x-ray purchase. With a detector design that fits existing wall stands and bucky trays without modifications, AeroDR helps a facility maximize its investment in existing X-ray imaging equipment by delivering a truly universal fit digital imaging solution.

Simple Innovation — a cornerstone of Konica Minolta’s product development — continues with the AeroDR imaging console. Workflow improvements include an in-room sub console which delivers the ability to control imaging parameters patient side, allowing more time for the technologist to focus on the patient. The AeroDR imaging console also controls Konica Minolta CR devices allowing Konica Minolta customers to enjoy the same look and feel for their Computed Radiography and Digital Radiography front ends.

(17″ x 17″ weighs 7.9 lbs)

(10″ x 12″ weighs 3.7 lbs with lithium ion capacitor)


Konica Minolta AeroDR Retrofit Portable Solution

Konica Minolta’s new portable upgrade kit efficiently and economically turns your current portable X-ray system into a digital wireless solution.

The lightweight and cable free operation of the AeroDR wireless digital flat panel detector system allows for easy patient and image detector positioning while reducing patient discomfort and stress during portable procedures. The AeroDR portable imaging console allows for the ability to QC the X-ray to determine if re-exposure is needed prior to leaving the patient’s side. The built in AeroDR roaming feature allows any AeroDR panel to be shared between portable use as well as in other general radiography rooms. The design of the AeroDR also makes it ideal for use in surgery and operating room environments.


Carestream Quantum

Caresteam DRX-1 System

Converting to DR workflow and productivity is easy and affordable with the CARESTREAM DRX-1 System. It features Carestream’s third-generation DRX Plus Detector – which is even faster, lighter and more reliable than our previous model. Based on the unique X-Factor platform, it simply slides into your existing X-ray systems. It’s also at the center of the DRX family – our complete line of innovative DR products.



Now Available through Quantum Medical Imaging DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kits for Existing Mobile Units

Exceptionally easy to use, all of our mobile solutions eliminate annoying tethers and cables during exams – whether you use them at the bedside in the intensive care unit, in the operating room or the emergency department. This allows the detector to be easily positioned, while the hygienic, cable-free handling minimizes infection risk.
Captured images are transferred wirelessly and are available immediately for viewing, to support prompt reads and quicker diagnoses. Full compliance with the ANSI standard for 35 x 43 cassettes means you can use your existing grids with the DRX Detector.

The DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit
This solution is a non-invasive, wireless DR retrot kit, to upgrade the mobile units below for the performance that only wireless, DR imaging can offer.

The DRX-Transportable/Universal Mobile Retrofit Kit
Designed to retrot mobile systems from nearly any other manufacturer, the DRX-Transportable/Universal is a tremendous performance-booster.

The DRX-Mobile Retrofit Kit Includes:

  • The DRX-Plus 3543 or dose sensitive DRX-Plus 3543C
    or DRX-2530-C Detector with Battery
  • DRX Battery Charger with 2 additional batteries
  • DRX-1 System Capture Console for Mobile Retrofit Systems
  • All in one PC  with 17” Touch-Screen, Flat Panel Monitor,

    1280 x 1024 pixel resolution

  • Exposure Hand Switch
  • EVP-Plus Image Processing
  • Tube and Line Visualization Software
  • Procedure code Mapping Software
  • DICOM Worklist Management System
  • Automatic Black Surround Masking Software with manual adjust
  • Grid Detection and Suppression Software
  • Low Exposure Optimization Software
  • Wireless/Wired RIS+ PACS Connectivity
  • Wireless Access Point
  • Bar Code Scanner



DRive is a digital imaging DR hardware & software solution designed for General Radiography of anatomy, using a unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector technology. It is intended to replace film and/or CR cassette based radiographic systems for all general purpose diagnostic procedures.

A preview image is displayed immediately after X-ray exposure, allowing for prompt image confirmation, fast network distribution, and quick patient throughput.

THE DRive SYSTEM COMES PRE-STAGED from Quantum Medical Imaging
With a 24” high resolution widescreen monitor and a robust 1TB RAID 1 hard drive, capable of archiving over 100,000 images.

Offered with either Gadolinium Oxysulfide or Cesium Iodide scintillator. Available as a single panel detector or dual panel detector combinations (Fixed, Tethered and/or Wireless)STITCHING SOFTWAREThe image stitching is standard with the DRive Software.As with any stitching, images must first be acquired with stitching in mind. The stitched image becomes a stand-alone DICOM image to which measurements can be applied.DRive” is compatible with Conventional X-Ray generators making conversion to DR workflow fast, easy, and cost effective.



AMXUP DR Upgrade Kit

The AMXUP DR Upgrade Kit converts your AMX4 to work with any wireless DR panel

30 minutes or less. In less than 30 minutes your technician can be processing new patient orders.

Quick and easy installation. Your existing AMX portable will be upgraded to the lat-est wireless DR technology and provides your facility with a revitalized state-of-the-art point of patient care.

The kit consists of a durable storage compartment for the detector made of lightweight, fiberglass material that mounts to the front of the AMX body. The detector can easily slide in-and-out of the storage bin and be used with or without an aftermarket protective cover on the detector .

A metal mounting bracket specially designed to fit a 14” touchscreen tablet PC is mounted on the vertical column for the technician to drive the software. Industrial strength adhesive mounts are placed on both sides of the tube column to allow the technician to easily move the tablet holder to the left or right side of the column, depending on the patient’s position.

TI-BA recommends PerkinElmer XRpad and Vieworks ViVIX wireless 14×17 DR detectors for the AMXUP.

Tablet PC not included with kit. One year warranty on kit components.