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Fluoroscan InSight-FD Mini C-arm

The Fluoroscan® InSight-FD system with exclusive rotating flat detector provides imaging versatility right in the procedure or operating room. The new flat detector image processing algorithms deliver superb, distortion-free images and the system’s touch-screen controls offer effortless image adjustment and rotation for clear and accurate visualization.

  • Flat detector Exclusive, thin profile, rotating detector with +/- 90º swivel. High-resolution, imaging with automatic dose optimization. Full and mag field of view.
  • C-arm Tube source moved forward for improved viewing and deep arc.120º motion – both forward and back.
  • Versatility High-definition touch-screen with finger touch control. Best viewing angle with tilt/swivel movement. Image review during or after acquisition.
  • User friendly controls Tube-head controls and handle placed where you need them. Laser light set to full or partial time. Single press X-ray exposure button.
  • Mobility and flexibility Lightweight system can be moved from room to room. Monitor and C-arm fold down into a tight mobile package for transportation/storage.
  • Reporting
    DICOM complaint with wireless/wired connectivity to PACS. Multiple printer options that fit into the base cabinet. Industry standard USB & DVD export for short or long term image storage.



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<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/49794110″>Hologic Fluoroscan Insight FD Mini C-arm</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user13605237″>Heartland Medical Solutions</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a>.</p>


X-Ray Source

  • Focal Spot Size: 0.045 mm
  • Tube kVp Range: 40 to 75 kVp
  • Tube Current Range: 0.020 to 0.100 rnA
  • Forward X-ray Source Location

Image Detector Device

  • CMOS Flat Detector
  • Rotating Detector (180º)
  • Automatic Collimation Rotation
    • Full field: 5.7′ x4.5″ (14.5x 11.5cm) –
    • Small field (mag.): 4.4″ sq. (11 x 11cm)


  • 20″ LCD Flat Panel Monitor
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Full HD Quality Display

Image Matrix Size

  • 1 k x 1 k High Definition

X-ray Power Control

  • FD C·Arm Depth: 20″ (50.6 cm)
  • Free Space (SSD): 14″ (36 cm)
  • Orbital Rotation: 120º
  • Horizontal Travel: 23″
  • Vertical Travel: 23″ (58 em)
  • Pivot Rotation: 380º

Image Storage

  • Permanent Hard Drive
  • Removable Data Storage: USB, CD/DVD

Image Acquisition

  • Rate of 30 fps (max. std. imaging)

Imaging Modes

  • Snapshot- Continuous· Cine (Digital)Video Record

Imaging Features

  • Brightness/Contrast Control
  • Automated Image Processing
  • Real-Time Noise Reduction
  • Edge Enhancement Auto-Dose Control
  • Magnify-Zoom-Pan

Footswitch Options

  • Wired – Triple Function Footswitch
  • Wireless – Triple Function IR Footswitch (optional)

Printer Options

  • Small Format Thermal B/W Printer
  • Large Hybrid Graphic B/W Printer (paper or clear base print)

DICOM Connectivity

  • Wired Ethernet or wireless connectivity
  • DICOM- Store/Send/Print/Modality Worklist