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Konica-Minolta AeroDR Auto-Stitching System


The AeroDR Auto-Stitching system allows for up to three images to be acquired, stitched together, and ready to transfer to PACS in under 30 seconds. This highly accurate and easy to use system can help improve patient experience and departmental throughput. The AeroDR Auto-Stitching system is offered for sale into existing rooms as a retrofit accessory and also offered for sale with the Konica Minolta AeroDR X70 full X-ray room solution.

The AeroDR Auto-Stitching System, includes a dedicated upright stitching device combined of the AeroDR Stitching Unit, which automatically vertically aligns the AeroDR 14″x17″ STD or HQ type panel and is mounted on the AeroDR Stitching UT WS Mounting base. Also included with the Auto-Stitching system is the Auto Barrier Unit which automatically holds and aligns the stitching mask with the position of the AeroDR detector during exposure.