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DRX – Revolution

DRX-Revolution Mobile X-ray System provides fast, convenient DR imaging for patients everywhere – from the bedside, in the OR, the ICU, or the emergency room. No longer will technologists have to blindly navigate heavy, bulky portable units throughout hospital elevators and hallways. Powered by the wireless DRX Detector that works across all your X-ray imaging equipment, the DRX-Revolution is feature-rich, to increase productivity and meet all your mobility needs.


A revolutionary imaging system that drives like a dream. The tight and cluttered spaces of the ICU, ER and OR are no match for the mobility of the CARESTREAM DRX-Revolution.


  • So easy to maneuver, you can make a 360-degree turn while steering it with just one hand.
  • An automatic collapsible column shrinks the system to just over four feet tall, giving you complete visibility when moving the system to any location.
  • The powerful dual motor drive makes moving the system effortless—in forward or reverse.
  • A long tubehead reach gives you easy access to the patient in crowded rooms.
  • Two touch-screen displays enable prior image review, technique changes and image acceptance or rejection from either location.


  • Fast, high-quality images in tight spaces for the sickest patients.Unique Tube & Grid Alignment System optimizes image quality and encourages grid use.
  • Consistent, precise images mean fewer retakes and support for faster, more accurate diagnosis.
  • A powerful 32kW generator, dual focal spot tubeand EVP Plus image processing combine to deliver superb image quality.
  • DRX-Revolution offers prior image review including techniques and exposure history by using query/retrieve from PACS.
  • Optional tube and line visualization software instantly verifies placement of tubes and peripherally inserted central catheter lines in seriously ill or injured patients.
  • The DRX detector is available in both gadolinium oxysulfide (GoS) scintillator or cesium iodide (CsI) formats for dose-sensitive exams

DRX-REVOLUTION Colorful Panel Graphics
Add an Attractive Appeal to your DRX-REVOLUTION

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These help patients feel less anxiety along with eliminating the impression of an uncomfortable experience, allowing them to be more relaxed during the radiographic procedure. Especially recommended in the pediatric field