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TechVision™ Technology with Q-Rad DRX Systems

Quantum’s TechVision™ is truly an innovation for the Technologist.

Technologists can use the color touch display to easily view and set up all technique parameters, as well as access set-up functions right at tube-side.
TechVision™ eliminates going back-and-forth from the generator’s Operator Control Panel to the patient, in order to prepare for patient exams.  The operator has complete control to adjust exposure parameters right at the tube-side, just as if they were at the generator’s Operator Control Panel.  This synchronized generator solution greatly streamlines the imaging process and decreases overall examination time, while allowing the technologist to remain close to the patient, for increased patient care.
TechVision™ with Q-Rad-DRX Systems also provide an Preview image display in <3 seconds, Consistent grey scale presentation, Local QC and administrative functions; zoom, window/level, Gamma, edge enhancement, cropping, digital markers, and annotation.